​ #190 • Judith Davies

In a very special episode, Allison interviews her childhood dance teacher. Judith Davies has been a pillar of the Ottawa dance community for many years. She is the Director and Founder of the Ottawa Dance Centre Schools, and was the Artistic Director of the Ottawa Dance Theater during its existence from 1976 to 1986. She has received awards for her choreography, and has worked with a number of notable choreographers in her career. Judith speaks about her career, the school, the company, the dance industry, Ottawa and Allison’s development as a young dancer.

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  1. dennis j. hayes

    so great to hear this interview with judith davies, thank you so much for it. i worked with and for judith in the earliest heady days, as a theatre artist working with dancers . . . long story. if you are speaking with her, give her my best, she is the best, a true pioneer in the arts, and who has a greater tolerance for the city of ottawa than i. i bow deeply before her.

    dennis hayes

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